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We love to share our knowledge and experience. We believe that the Eyelash extensions industry has great potential and needs more talented and professional artists. We make our student's learning path goes smoothly.

If you're looking to advance your skills in the beauty industry and offer your clients the latest trends, taking an eyelash extension course can be a game-changer. With the rise in demand for this service, it's essential to keep up with the latest techniques and tools to stand out as a professional. Our eyelash extension course provides comprehensive training that covers everything you need to know to offer this service with confidence. From theory and safety to hands-on practice, you'll gain the knowledge and skills to create beautiful lash extensions that enhance the natural beauty of your clients. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have, ensuring you have the support you need to succeed. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your beauty career to the next level – enroll in our eyelash extension course today!


ABOUT OUR Lash Trainers



I'm Anna Shirokova and I'm an owner and instructor at Lash training center.

I started doing lashes in 2011. 
I was still in college and was looking for a job where I could make my own schedule. Lash extensions caught my attention as they were more and more popular. I took a one-day class and started practicing on my friends. 

I became very passionate about lashes and a few years after college graduation and being bored with a nine-to-five job I took a risk and became a full-time eyelash stylist. I was able to build a loyal clientele and fill up my books pretty quickly. 

In 2015 I opened a lash studio UniLash located in Bonita, CA. To learn more about my studio visit In a few years, it grew from me being the only employee in the Company to managing 8 employees. 

As I started training my employees I saw how much information they were missing on previously taken classes. That's how the idea of sharing my knowledge with other people who want to succeed as a lash stylist was born. I created a lash course where I included all knowledge that I gained over the years. I started teaching classes in 2017 and by now trained many students who were following their dream to become lash stylists! 

Anna Show- Lash training expert

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One-day and two-day eyelash extensions certificate course designed for beginners who have no experience in eyelash extension application.

One-day and two-day volume courses for eyelash artists who have experience in classic eyelash application. After completing this class you will have all keys for starting your business

 Lash Lift is one of the hottest trends in a beauty industry now. It is a semipermanent treatment that consists of applying a solution that will alter the natural shape of your lashes.

One day basic eyelash extensions certificate course designed for beginners who have no experience in eyelash extension application.

Advantages of Lash Training Center


Professionals with over 11 years of experience 

Small groups

Small  groups. We dedicate time to each of the student 

Lash Artists certification

Each of our students gets a certification of completion of our eyelash extension training course


On-going support for each student after course completion 

Lash Extensions starting kit

Starting kit is included in a class cost


Discounts on future products and services in our Lash Training Center

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