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We love to share our knowledge and experience. We believe that Eyelash extensions industry has a great potential and needs more talented and professional artists. We love sharing our experience and make our student's learning path smooth.





Our Lash Trainers

Eyelash Extension Classes

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Classic Basic Class


1-Day eyelash extension course for beginners with no experience


Classic Pro Class


2-Day eyelash extension course for beginners with no experience


Volume Basic Class


1-Day volume eyelash extension course for technicians with experience


Copy of Green Organic Items Online Store

Volume Pro Class


2-Day volume eyelash extension course for technicians with experience


Brow Lamination Class


Brow lamination is becoming one of the most demanding services



Lash Lift Class


​ 1-Day Class for Beauticians who want to increase their list of services and get more clients 



Lash Training Center


Professionals with over 9 years of experience 

Small groups

Small  groups. We dedicate time to each of the student 

Lash Artists certification

Each of our students get certification of completion of our eyelash extension training


On-going support for each student after course completion 

Lash Extensions tool kit

Each of our student will receive a PRO tool kit after completion 


Discounts on future products and services in our Lash Training Center

Lash Course Reviews

“My friend recommended me this place. She does her lashes with Anna for two years and they always look gorgeous. I was trying to learn volume eyelash extensions on my own but ended up attending the class. She explained to me why my fans were closing all the time and didn't look fluffy. Now my fans look perfect!”


“Anna has a lot of experience and she enjoys to share it. I took the Classic course and absolutely loved it! There was a lot of new information but she made it very easy to understand. Thank you!”


“I'm happy I picked this place. Anna is very talented and knowledgeable. And prices are reasonable! There was me and another girl in the certification class which made it very comfortable. Anna took her time with each of us. I'm excited to start practicing on my girlfriends!”


Frequently asked questions

Can You Tell Me More About Your Eyelash Extensions Training Courses?

Do you want to get started with your eyelash artistry career? If you do, you will be glad to know that the eyelash extension industry has a huge demand for professional lash artists like you. But before you begin your professional lash artistry career, you will need professional eyelash extension training. At Lash Training Center, we love to share our experience and knowledge with students and even experienced lash artists who are passionate about the eyelash extensions industry like we do. Our goal is to make each student confident in the application of eyelash extensions. Our instructors, Anna and Sara have been working in the lash extensions industry for more than nine years now. Sara is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician and has been in the industry since 2015. She specializes in brow lamination and lashes lift and has many notable lash skills. Anna Shirokova started her career in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She has never stopped learning since her first eyelash extension class. Anna owns UniLash, a top-rated salon in San Diego. Apart from our experienced eyelash extension training instructors, we have also created a comprehensive eyelash extension training program to help you succeed in this demanding industry. Our classic basic class is designed for beginners who have no experience with eyelash extension applications and would like to start a new career. This one-day basic class will teach you everything you should know to start your practice. After the class, you will have an in-depth understanding of eyelash extension theory and practical elements. Our experienced and certified eyelash extension training instructors will ensure that you are confident in eyelash application after completing this program.

Who Should Take The Eyeslash Extension Classes?

Our lash extensions one-day classic basic eyelash extensions training course is designed for individuals just starting their journey in the eyelash extensions industry. You don’t need any eyelash extension application experience to qualify for this course. After taking this course as a lash artist you will learn all you should know to start your practice to succeed in this industry. Our certified and experienced instructors will take you through the theory and practical parts of eyelash extension. The goal is to make you confident in the application of eyelashes. The classic basic class is perfect for you if you are looking for a job that allows you to work on your schedule and become a natural lash artists. It is also ideal for stay-at-home moms who are looking for flexible ways to earn income. Beauticians looking to improve their natural lash skills and land more clients will also benefit greatly from this class. The class is also perfect if you are considering a career change or are unhappy with your current career.

Can You Provide More Details About The Course

We have tailored our courses to meet industry demands and help you succeed in the industry. During the course, you will have the chance to put your skills to rest on a live model and a mannequin. However, we do not provide a live model. Here is what you will learn: Eyelash removal, Different eyelash effects, including Doll Kim K effect, Natural eye, Cat eye, Open eye, and others, Preparing the workstation, Touch-ups, Safety and regulation, Eyelash growth cycle, Eye correction, Customer consulting, Customer aftercare, Eyelash extension application, Proper hygiene, Customer retention, Pricing, Adhesive safety, Isolation techniques. You will also get a professional eyelash kit with the following essentials: Eyelash glue, Tweezers, Eyelash holder, Eye patches, Micro brushes, Two boxes with eyelashes, Glue ring, Promo material

How Do I Sign Up for The Lash Training Course?

Our goal is to help you get started with your eyelash extension career as soon as possible. Therefore, we have designed a seamless certification journey just for you. Our basic classic eyelash extension training class starts with enrollment. During enrollment, we will also help you buy the kits you need for your in-person class. Pay for Your Class: Once you add the classic basic class to your cart, you can pay for it to start learning the fundamentals of lash theory and practical applications. Attend Your In-person Class: You will get hands-on training from our certified and experienced lash instructors. These professionals are ready to help you succeed in the industry. Master Your Skills: You will have the chance to put your skills to the test and experience real-world lashing on a mannequin or a live model. Keep in mind that we don’t provide live models. Become a Certified Eyelash Application Artist: Our certified instructors will supervise your model practice to determine your skill level. If you are approved, you will earn your lash certification immediately. Keep Learning: Even after graduating, it is still advisable to continue learning. Always take the time to brush up your skills with our refresher courses.

Why Should I Take a Lash Training Class?

Let’s face it, you will be spoilt for choice when looking for a beginner classic extension certification program. However, finding a course that is tailored to help you succeed in this industry is not easy. Fortunately, we have designed our classic basic class with you in mind. We strive to help every student get started with their eyelash career. Discover why you should choose this class below. Earn a Discount on Future Classes: You still need to advance your skills after this beginner course. The good news is that you will always earn a discount on your future classes when you take this great class. Get Discounts on Products: You will also get discounts on products after taking this course. This will be vital since you are just getting started. Certificate of Completion: When you become a certified lash application professional, we will award you a certificate of completion. You can use it to land exciting career opportunities or prove your skills to your clients. Continuous Support: Our training does not end after you get approved by our master instructors. We will continue to offer you continuous support to help you get started with your eyelash extensions applications as quickly as possible. You can always reach out to us whenever you need our help. Professional Instructors With More Than Nine Years’ Experience: At Lash Training Center, we only work with experienced and professional instructors. Our knowledgeable trainers will give you the skills and expertise you need to start your successful practice.