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Anna Shirokova

Anna Shirokova

​Anna started her career in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She attended multiple classes and workshops from the local and European top eyelash extensions stylists and has never stopped learning. Every year she takes classes to make sure Lash Training Center uses the latest techniques in the industry. 


Anna started her own eyelash extensions salon called UniLash in 2014. Her salon is one of Top rated in San Diego and stands out for great quality and excellent customer quality. Anna started her career as a trainer in 2015. She customized her classes to ensure her students get all information needed to start their own career after completing the class. Anna provides classes and workshops for beginners and advanced eyelash stylists.


Sara is a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist.  She has been working in the beauty industry since 2015. Sara was working at UniLash as an Advanced stylist for two years. She specializes in lash lift and brow lamination. Sara is a class instructor at UniLash since 2020. 

Sara - a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist
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