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Eyelash Extension Training:Top Skills Required to Become a Successful Eyelash Technician

Updated: Feb 7

A career as an eyelash technician is one of the most exciting and rewarding jobs. Working as a lash tech will give you great satisfaction daily. You will have the chance to help people look their best every day. Lash technicians work in different fields ranging from entertainment to self-employment. With the cosmetic industry growing by the day, now is the perfect time to kick start your lash extension career. To succeed in this growing market, you need various skills. Let's discuss the skills required to become a successful eyelash extension artist in this article.


Creativity is a must-have skill for anyone looking to join the lash extension industry. You will be working with tens of clients daily. To help each client bring out their natural beauty, you must use your creativity to create unique designs and patterns. Additionally, every client you will meet has unique differences. You have to understand the preferences of each client. You must also use imagination to play with the volumes, curls, and colors.

Communication Skills

Another vital skill that you will need to succeed in the lash extension industry is communication. Eyelash extension technicians spend a better part of their day communicating with clients and fellow artists. When every client walks in, take your time to explain the procedure in detail. Moreover, you must help your clients understand the different types of lashes and curls. Above all, you must be ready to answer all the questions your customers might have. Lash technicians also need to reassure their clients. Beyond that, they must also learn how to market their businesses and create a welcoming environment for their clients.


Although it is one of the most rewarding and exciting careers, the eyelash extension career also has its fair share of challenges. To start with, one lash extension appointment can last for more than 2 hours. You will be applying around 60 eyelashes per eye. Additionally, you are likely to encounter rude and stubborn clients at one point or another. You must also be careful when applying eyelash extensions to prevent safety issues. So, take your time applying lashes to ensure each client looks their best.

Attention to Details

Applying lash extensions is no easy task. You must pay attention from start to finish to prevent safety issues and make your clients feel beautiful. Each extension requires equal care and careful placement. That can only happen if you pay close attention to every detail. Distractions can lead to costly mistakes, including damaged extensions and allergies.

Understanding How to Use Different Tools

Lash extension technicians use various tools to place extensions, such as airbrushes, pillow liners, sterilizers, tweezers, glue rings, mascara wands, and more. Using these tools can take your lash extension career to the next level. You must also stay up to date with the latest tools in the industry. A good lash technician knows how to leverage each device to achieve their client's desired looks.


As a lash technician, you will work with other industry technicians and beauty professionals. You might also need to fill in for your colleagues. As such, you need to be a team player to succeed in your career.

A Good Understanding of Color Theory

Lash technicians play around with different colors to bring out the best look from their clients. As an aspiring lash technician, you must understand color theory to succeed in this competitive market. Understanding the fundamentals of color theory will help you pick the right colors based on your client's preferences, skin type, and skin tone. Above all, you must know how to mix different colors to give your clients a more natural look.

Understanding How to Set the Work Area

Eyelash extension appointments start way before the client steps foot in the salon. You must learn to set up the work area before picking up any tool. Successful lash technicians always sterilize and clean the site and the tools to keep their clients safe. They also know how to assess their clients' skin types, conditions, and allergies.


A day in the life of an eyelash technician is usually exhausting. You are likely to work with many clients each day. That's why you need to be physically fit to handle the demands of this job.


The lash extension industry is constantly evolving. You must stay up to date with the latest products, techniques, skills, and tools to stand out from the competition.

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