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How to Become a Lash Tech: Step-by-Step

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

One of the most lucrative careers for beauticians today is becoming a lash tech. Eyelash extensions have turned into a phenomenon - you see celebrities and social media influencers sporting amazing looks using extensions.

If you are already a cosmetologist or a newbie looking to get better at the craft, lash extensions can provide a new way to earn income. To become a lash technician, you need to kickstart your knowledge and emphasize creativity.

What makes a successful Lash Tech?

Lash training certification
Lash training certification

Successful lash technicians do not just set up a clinic and call it a day. They train in the art via special classes. These classes teach people the correct techniques to ensure accuracy and safety during lash extension.

Lash techs may choose to work for a spa or salon or set up their private service.

But before that, the first thing you need to think about is the license. Learning the different requirements to becoming a lash tech will set you on the right path. It also makes your future venture look professional and trustworthy to potential clients.

Being an accredited lash tech will give you leverage over competitors. Considering many people these days market themselves as eyelash technicians, you want a way to stand out. In a world where tutorials from the likes of Kim Kardashian made the lash industry boom, you want to be the expert.

Once you have a license, you can showcase it on your business's online platforms. This "stamp of approval" will get you more customers - it is a sign of your credibility as a lash tech.

If you are worried about the licensing requirements, do not overthink. The process is not as tedious as a medical degree. Still, the conditions can differ from state to state.

What are the steps to becoming a lash tech?

Check Requirements

First, check your state's licensing requirements. The laws concerning lash techs differ per territory. For instance, some classify lash techs as estheticians. Other areas label them as cosmetologists. They can also be considered medical professionals by some.

lash training classes
lash training classes

Take Classes

Next, you need to take a couple of classes to prove that you know about being a lash tech. These are offered by accredited institutions and will provide a certificate upon completion. Besides the basics of lash training, these classes also touch on good customer service and marketing tactics.

One of the best class providers is Lash Training Center, which offers different classes to clients. Their courses are taught by experienced lash techs who have found their place in the industry.

The most basic offering is the Classic Training Class. This class consists of one-day and two-day classes that train students in the art of eyelash extensions. All course finishers will receive a certificate proving their competency as lash technicians.

This class is beginner-friendly. Anyone who does not have formal experience can pick up a few skills while attending the sessions. In addition, you will also get the chance to practice and simulate real-world clients.

There is also the Volume Training Class, another one to a two-day course that focuses on eyelash artists who are well-versed in classic techniques. Finishing this course will give you all the skills you need to start providing services to clients.

Lash Lift Classes, and Brow Lamination Classes are also an option for those who want to carve out a niche in the industry. This unique technique gives people the chance to provide clients with a semipermanent treatment to change the shape of their eyelashes.

studying at lash training classes
studying at lash training classes

Take the Exam

After taking the classes, you can finally proceed to the final step - your exam. The exam may be administered by the regional Board of Esthetics or the Board of Cosmetology.

Keep Learning

When licensed, don't just stop there! Expand your skills and work more towards a more significant business. You can learn more advanced courses through different learning centers. Check classes like the Classic Pro Class or the Volume Pro Class for higher learning courses.

The Rundown

Overall, the path towards being a lash tech is challenging. But this road is something that will pay off in the long run. Take high-quality classes to ensure that you become one of the most renowned lash techs.

All it takes is some patience and a willingness to learn and serve others.

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