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What is Brow Lamination? FAQ About Brow Lamination Training

Brow lamination is the latest beauty craze to hit the scene. This new treatment is revolutionizing the game. It’s now the go-to option for those looking to achieve the perfect brow shape. Whether you want to make your brows appear fuller, tame those unruly hairs, or create a symmetrical appearance, brow lamination can do it all. This revolutionary treatment uses a special liquid that is applied to the eyebrows. The specially formulated fluid breaks down the bonds in the hair, making it possible to reshape and set them in place.

Whether you are a beauty professional looking to add a new service to your menu or just looking for a way to give your brows a little boost, this FAQ will discuss everything you should know about brow lamination training.

What is Brow Lamination, and How Does it Work?

Simply put, brow lamination is a new cosmetic procedure that involves reshaping and setting the eyebrows in the desired shape. Certified lash technicians should perform the process to ensure safety and security. A specially formulated solution breaks down the strong bonds in the eyebrows. This allows the lash technicians to reshape and set your eyebrows in place to achieve your desired look.

Depending on your hair growth and how well you take care of your brows, brow laminations last anywhere from four to six weeks. Let’s discuss the procedure in detail below:

  1. Your lash technician will apply a special solution to break down the bonds and lift your brows.

  2. The technician will then brush your brows upward and spread them vertically.

  3. After that, the technician will apply a neutralizer to set your brows in place.

  4. Finally, expect the technician to apply a nourishing oil to prevent hair dryness and skin irritation.

Please note add-ons like tweezing excess hairs, tinting to enhance color, and waxing to create the perfect shape may be required.

Is a Brow Lamination Treatment Permanent?

No, brow lamination is not a permanent procedure. Unlike other treatments like microblading, eyebrows laminations are 100% non-invasive. The process involves lifting and spreading your brows to make them appear fuller. On average, brow laminations last four to six weeks, depending on aftercare and hair growth rate.

Are Brow Laminations Worth It?

Why choose brow laminations over other treatments like microblading, permanent tattooing, tinting, brow gel, or micro shading? For starters, eyebrow lamination is entirely non-invasive. Are you still not convinced? Here is a list of brow lamination benefits:

✔ It can help you address gaps in your brows

✔ Corrects unevenness to give your brows a symmetrical look ✔ Addresses thinning hair and unruly hair to make your eyebrows appear fuller

✔ It makes eyebrows easy to style and maintain

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The brow lamination process typically takes 15-20 minutes. However, it might take longer if add-ons are required.

Is Brow Lamination Training Worth It?

Investing in brow lamination training is definitely worth the time and money. There are many benefits of brow lamination training, such as:

✔ Expanding your services to increase your client base and revenue

✔ Staying current with the latest trends

✔ Improving your skills to deliver better results to your clients

✔ Building your reputation as a knowledgeable and skilled lash technician

✔ Advancing your career

Is Brow Lamination the Right Career for Me?

To determine if brow lamination is the right career path, you must ask yourself a few questions. Below is a list of the questions you need to ask yourself when deciding whether brow lamination is a suitable career path for you:

  • Are you passionate about the cosmetic industry?

  • Do you enjoy helping clients achieve their desired appearance?

  • Do you have the skills required to succeed in this career?

  • Do your professional and personal goals align with the earning potential and career opportunities in this field?

  • Are you ready to promote your services as a brow lamination artist?

  • Are you prepared to complete training to become a licensed brow lamination technician?

How Long Does Brow Lamination Training Take?

How long brow lamination training takes depends on the institution and the training program. Training typically takes a few hours to several days to complete.

What is The Cost of Brow Lamination Training?

The cost of training varies based on the institution and the program. Some institution charge by the hour, while others charge a flat fee. Apart from the institution, other factors like the instructor’s level of experience and location will also determine the cost. So, always take time to compare the price of different institutions before enrolling.

What Will I Learn?

You can expect to learn everything about brow lamination treatment when you enroll for training, including:

  • Treatment aftercare

  • Contradictions

  • Patch test

  • Setting the work area

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Supplies overview

  • Safety and regulations

  • Procedure steps

On top of that, our instructors will provide continuous support to help you kickstart your brow lamination career as soon as possible.

What are the Risks Associated With Brow Laminations?

As with other treatments, there are a few risks associated with this treatment, such as infection if proper sterilization is not followed. An allergic reaction may also happen due to the solution. Over-treatment can also damage the skin or hair. As such, getting this treatment from a provider with the necessary experience and training is essential.

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