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Lash Extension Classes

Lash Extension

Lash extensions have become extremely popular over the last couple of years. Nowadays, everyone prefers long and incredible eyelashes because they give a lasting look and are transformative. On the contrary, mascara doesn’t provide a lasting look. What’s more, mascara is less effective than eyelash extensions.

On average, lash extensions last for at least 3 to 4 weeks. If you want to leverage your creativity to start making good money, then you should consider an eyelash extension class. Enrolling in the best lash extension classes will equip you with the skills and knowledge to start applying lash extensions and earn your certification. Lash Training Center takes pride in helping students become professional and talented artists.

Here is your guide to eyelash extension classes.

What You Will Learn

Enrolling in a lash extension class is a step in the right direction for any budding artist. You will gain vital skills and techniques to kick-start your eyelash artistry career. Our experienced and passionate instructors strive to make each student confident in applying lash extensions.

What’s more, the instructors will provide awareness of different procedures that clients prefer. You will also learn how to apply lash extensions, depending on the needs of each client. Moreover, you will learn to choose the right tools and materials to apply quality lash extensions.

Find the Best Lash Extension Classes

Whether you want to kick-start your eyelash artistry career or looking to advance your skills and earn new clients, it is essential to select a suitable class, depending on your skills, goals, and preferences.

Classic Lash Extension Course

The classic Lash extension course is tailor-made for beginners who don’t have prior experience in lash extensions. This course includes a 1-day basic class and a 2-days pro class that will equip you with skills to start and grow your lash extension artistry career. Students have practical and theory lessons to improve their skills. What’s more, you will also get to practice on a live model. Enroll in this class if you are a student or individual looking for a flexible job opportunity that allows you to set your schedule. The basic eyelash extension class is also perfect for beauticians looking to increase their list of services and earn more.

Volume Eyelash Extension Course

The volume eyelash extension course is ideal for experienced technicians. The course includes theory and practical classes. Students also get to practice on a model and a mannequin. The course is divided into a 1-day basic volume lash extension class and a 2-day pro volume class.

Brow Lamination Course

Brow lamination is among the most sought-after services by clients. It is a safe and Painless procedure that corrects the shape of your eyebrow and improves your appearance. This class is ideal for beauticians who want to increase their list of skills and attract new clients. It is also suitable for any beauty enthusiast who wants to earn great money by offering this on-demand service.

Lash Lift Class

This 1-day class is perfect for beauticians who want to grow their skills and earn new clients. The class will equip you with the skills to offer this semi-permanent treatment to your clients. Lash lift class is also suitable for individuals or students looking for flexible jobs that suit their schedules.

Book the Best Lash Extension Classes Today

At Lash Training Center, we are eager to share our knowledge and experience with lash extension enthusiasts and are ready to help you fulfill your earning potential and talent. If you are ready to take your eyelash extensions artistry career to the next level, make sure to book your lash extension class today.

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