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Top Aftercare Lash Extension Tips

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Many clients prefer eyelash extensions over mascara, lash curlers, lifts, and strip lashes because they provide a personalized look. That means that becoming a lash extension technician is hands down the best career choice you can make. However, you must be good at what you do to succeed in this billion-dollar industry. Simply learning how to apply eyelash extensions is not enough. You should also learn about proper eyelash extension aftercare to protect your reputation and retain your clients.

So, keep reading to discover top aftercare lash extension tips to help your clients maintain their perfect lash job.

✨Wash Your Lashes Daily

Washing your lashes daily is the most effective way of maintaining your gorgeous lash extensions. Sadly, many of us don’t remember to wash our lashes daily. Perhaps it’s because our lash extension technicians instruct us to avoid moisture.

As a lash extension technician, you should encourage your clients to clean their lash extensions. Also, remind them not to apply oily products on their beautiful lashes. You can also recommend lash cleansers that you have tried before.

✨Don’t Apply Oil Based Products Around Your Lashes

It’s tempting to apply your favorite products to your lashes to moisturize them. However, using oil-based products on your lashes can lead to lash mites. Lash mites are usually found in the eyelash area, cheeks, and nose. These parasites typically feed off your oils and other waste material from your face.

Although these little critters don’t cause harm in low numbers, extremely high numbers can irritate and inflame your eyelashes. Studies also show that too many lash mites can cause your eyelashes to fall out.

With that in mind, let your clients know that using oil-based products on their lashes can be harmful. Also, tell them that some moisturizers, foundations, and cleansers can get sucked deep into their lash follicles, even if not applied around the eyelash area.

✨Avoid Moisture for the First 24 Hours

Once you apply lash extensions on your clients, spare a few minutes to encourage them to avoid moisture for the first 24 hours. Explain that moisture can get into their lash extensions while cooking, working out, cycling, showering, and swimming. Since this might impact their daily schedules, it would be best to let them know before the appointment so that they can make the necessary adjustments.

When moisture enters your lash extensions, the water molecules can weaken the adhesive and cause your lashes to fall out immediately. Fortunately, you can now use various cleansers to clean your lash extensions without moisture. As a lash technician, you should research different products to recommend the best to each client.

✨Don’t Sleep on Your Lashes

This is probably the most challenging lash extension aftercare tip, especially for face sleepers. Let your clients know that their lash extensions will lose their curls if they sleep on their faces. The friction from the pillows and bedsheets can also cause their extensions to fall off.

Fortunately, identifying clients who are face sleepers is relatively easy. Most face sleepers usually have lashes that face every direction. Above all, most have crazy lashes on their dominant face sleep side. If you notice that your client is a face sleeper, encourage them to avoid sleeping on their lashes. Also, encourage them to sleep on a satin pillowcase if they find it hard to change their sleeping position.

✨Avoid Rubbing Your Lash Extensions

Rubbing lash extensions can cause them to fall off prematurely. Unfortunately, some clients tend to rub their lashes unconsciously or even in their sleep. Take time to let each client know that rubbing lashes can weaken them and even cause them to fall out quickly. Aside from the friction, lotions and oils on their hands can also weaken the adhesive forcing their lashes to fall out prematurely.

✨Stay Away From Extreme Heat

Clients who love smoking or cooking are likely to find this aftercare tip difficult. Similarly, clients who have never done lash extensions might struggle to adjust to this new way of life. However, you must tell them that extreme heat from the oven, cigarette, and even candles can damage their lash extensions. It is even a good idea to talk about it before the procedure so that they can evaluate their decision and decide whether they are ready to proceed.

✨Stay Away From Chemical Peels and Facials

Some chemical peels and facials can cause retention issues. That’s why you should keep learning to discover chemical peels and facials that cause retention issues. However, that is not enough. The best thing to do is to encourage them to keep peels and facials away from their lash areas.

Wrapping Up

Knowing these eyelash extension aftercare tips will keep your clients happy and help you stand out from the competition. If you would like to learn everything about eyelash extensions, join the best lash extension classes near you.

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